Thursday, December 31, 2009

Charting A Course - Being Present to The New Year

“The wisest men tell us that everything, sooner or later, changes. All change commences with a specific moment. We say to ourselves, “ I won’t do this again, I must become different.” And we succeed ---- eventually.”

Frank Delaney, Ireland

Well it is New Years Eve and I have been mulling over resolutions and the concept of change in the New Year. (While most people are confident that they can be successful at accomplishing the goal of their resolutions only 12% of resolutions are reported at being successful.) I had drafted a short narrative that concerned itself with charting a course and how often I have been confronted with making corrections or adjustments based on unforeseen unplanned events or encounters while on the journey. But while revisiting my CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) experience it was quite clear how it was that “specific moment” that altered everything and all the resolutions and previously charted course and plans suddenly evaporated with the slash of a surgeon's scalpel. A metanoia and possible transformation slowly started birthing and I couldn't stop it. I couldn't accelerate it nor slow it down either…it just continued ….

No formal anticipatory resolutions then tonight. That which was has been instrumental in this pilgrim’s formation on this Odyssey and that which is forthcoming will both hopefully have a similar result and a reception of humble gratitude. Being present and letting go to what is… is resolution in itself.

Happy New Year. !!!

(I found the following in an original collection of poetry published circa 1921 while waiting for a flight at the Milwaukee airport. It is simple straightforward and sweet)

Lord, Make A Regular Man Out Of Me

This I would like to be- braver and bolder,

Just a bit wiser because I am older,

Just a bit kinder to those I may meet,

Just a bit manlier taking defeat;

This for the New Year my wish and my plea-

Lord, make a regular man out of me.

This I would like to be- just a bit finer,

More of a smiler and less of a whiner,

Just a bit quicker to stretch out my hand

Helping another who's struggling to stand,

This is my prayer for the New Year to be,

Lord, make a regular man out of me.

This I would like to be- just a bit fairer,

Just a bit better, and just a bit squarer,

Not quite so ready to censure and blame,

Quicker to help every man in the game,

Not quite so eager men's failings to see,

Lord, make a regular man out of me.

This I would like to be- just a bit truer,

Less of the wisher and more of the doer,

Broader and bigger, more willing to give,

Living and helping my neighbor to live!

This for the New Year my prayer and my plea-

Lord, make a regular man out of me.

- Edgar A. Guest

( "My cousin has great changes coming
One day he'll wake with wings.....

...My cousin as you see
Takes his changes easily
O happy we
Could we take each change so easily"

- From Cousin Caterpillar, Incredible String Band)

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  1. What a delightful blog! I happened upon it via Google Alerts, and I think I'm going to follow it. I find this blog to be both inspiring and refreshing.

    Happy Blogging,
    Chelsea L. Clemmons, Author of A Collection of Reflections Including the Seven Deadly Sins Collection and Various Unrelated Poems