Monday, February 28, 2011

On the Happenings in Wisconsin

“The lesson lies in learning
by teaching I will be taught
For there is nothing
Hidden anywhere
It is just all there
To be sought”

- Look to your soul, Procol Harum

Who would think that the joy of the Super Bowl trophy returning to Titletown would be short lived?

The heart started breaking when it saw how those who are of the “noble profession” are being treated in various parts of the country. Proof positive that ignorance is the enemy. Maintaining the status quo in this blog and being silent about this issue would be compliance. There is a persistent fear that the oft idealized profession and teachers portrayed in books and movies such as The Blackboard Jungle, To Sir with Love , Dead Poets Society , Mr. Holland’s Opus, Dangerous Minds, Mona Lisa Smile , Music of the Heart, Freedom Writers and so many many more may become fantasies and ineffable anomalies to future generations.

(The job posting and conditions of employment below appeared in a nightmare about what is happening in Wisconsin, Providence , RI , New Jersey and New York.)


Needed individuals who are compassionate and caring. They will be passionate about their “work” and their clientele equally. These employees are to open doors so their clientele may recognize and use their own God-given gifts. These clients then can, without fear, identify their own verse in the great play and make their own lives extraordinary . Candidates will go out of their way to mentor their charges by freely giving their expertise as well as being a role model demonstrating a positive attitude about aspects of life . These individuals will be expected to always be enthusiastic.Their personal values will meet the highest moral and ethical standards where they will be admired by peers , supervisors and the general community. It is expected that the significant candidates in this career will maintain a high level of subject matter expertise as well as intellectual rigor for their own continued growth and development.

Candidates will be innovators and creative in their delivery of their services. Core competences required for the position include  flexibility and adaptability to the changing environment inside and outside the organization. Successful employees then must be adept with leading edge technology and how it impacts their profession and their clientele. Terms such as “sherpa”, “coach”, “encourager”, “servant”, “counselor” and “facilitator” will be defining qualitative factors of their role. The ability to communicate on all levels at all times and in all circumstances will be an essential measurement of success. Assuring that their charges are equipped with the appropriate tools, knowledge and skills at the completion of their relationship will also be considered to be a minimum performance standard for all hired.

There will also be some basic conditions of employment that must be subscribed to, including but are not limited to:

• Individuals in these positions will have a specific schedule but must be available at all times for emergencies and other organizational considerations. (24/7)
• It is expected that qualified candidates will take a personal interest in the needs and achievement of everyone of their charges personally
• They must be 100 % responsive to all groups who have a stakeholder interest in the success of their clientele as well as the overall institution.
• These individuals will work under all conditions, positive , mediocre and adverse.
• If any level of management exhibits any type of incompetence the candidates are expected to remain silent about their concern.
• Compliance and silence will be expected when basic personnel practices and procedures are violated by supervisory personnel.
• Candidates challenging any action of supervisors or management will be considered disloyal to the clients and the overall mission of the organization.
• Membership in any organization that attempts to protect the interests and integrity of the employees will be considered a disloyal and rebellious act.
• If these employees are ever suspected of violating any real or perceived law they will be dismissed summarily without due process.
• Their day to day and continued employment is completely at the will and discretion of others and can be adjusted in the blink of an eye.
• Assignments and job duties can also be altered at the whim of management.
• Expression by the employee of any political or religious view that might considered contrary to that of management is considered a dismissible offense.
• Total compensation including benefits for all college degreed candidates will always be less than the compensation of comparable careers for college graduates in the private sector.
• Additional supplies and tools needed to successfully complete the job performance will be paid for in full by the employee.
• Management can add to or subtract from these conditions of employment without any notice to anyone anytime.

Each of the above required competences and conditions of employment will be multiplied by a factor of ten for all employees for at least 40% less pay in private and parochial schools.


Teaching is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance. In teaching we rely on the "naturals," the ones who somehow know how to teach.
~Peter Drucker

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. ~Author Unknown

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.
                                  ~Author Unknown

“We sanctify all we are grateful for” – A. DeMello SJ

I am grateful for the teachers who encouraged me to be me.
I will never, ever forget !


A truth about the Wisconsin matter:

What non-political experts are saying about the impact of teachers, their effectiveness and salaries
(Princeton- Brookings)

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