Saturday, July 30, 2011

Third Anniversary of The Second Chance Heart Surgery : Gratitude for all the Angels!

Archangel Barchiel

Unexpected blessings from unforeseen encounters and accidental relationships fill the prodigal pilgrim’s prayer journals. Here comes another sleepless night. The black and white news silently broadcasts a memorial resume of an ordained impermanent sojourner. He was witness and blessor to the sacred vows of the two proclaiming partnership in the summer of ‘72, two islands touched by Gibran’s sea. He was also anointer, purifier of that duet’s first one as she set sail into the river of life. This earthly spirit was sherpa politely prodding persistent pilgrims onto the path back home. 160 Mitchell seasons have gone round since the first meeting on Fat Tuesday preparing ashes while his water bed was draining as the refrain from Rainy Day Women echoed in the distance. Even strangers knew of mostly true stories of his anomalous authentic allegiance to his mission. This Lone Ranger of souls left his silver bullet of faith as he moved onto serve the distant voices singing out for rescue .The celestial picaresque hero rode off into the sunset.

The pilgrim unexpectedly greeted by his long lost Celtic intermittent bus driving soccer grocery store ecclesiastical friend on the way to the blessor’s celebratory farewell.  Superficial calm suddenly stormed into regrets as the six foot leprechaun messenger shared that this blessor had filled his final years as a wandering ship passing in the night crisscrossing the pilgrim’s own earthen vessel’s passage. But almost just as suddenly and unpredictably another divine wink amidst the gathered congregation caused the pilgrim to connect with yet another sacred cherub from his own salvation history. The disguised Frost who fueled the Apollonian flames within the student-pilgrim a lifetime ago smiled and kindly said he too ”remembered.” Synchronicity is real.

Upon exiting the sanctuary walking alone under a blessed bright blue canopy on an unexpected perfect post storm day overflowing gratitude filled a river of tears of humility and love for these messengers and all the Malachim who have blessed the prodigal wanderer keeping him on the right path.

He wondered…

“ Is this pilgrim that difficult a student or that valued?  What will it take for this heart to be opened and truly healed?"

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.
            - Meister Eckhart

                                            "When will I ever learn - Van Morrison"


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