Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A May Day Meditation: Any Road

2094 hours or 174,240 minutes are completed as the first minute of the first hour of the fifth month of the Julian calendar’s Leap year of 2012 Anno Domani. It is rumored that somewhere hidden in the smallest corner of a nanometer in the smallest microchip in a dark corner of Institute for Advanced Study or some such scientific laboratory this event is noted and filed. Meanwhile a few rogue scientists report how the universe is expanding every mega second and is in a constant state of change. The Dalai Lama whispers "If you asked I would have told this" while the scholarly philosopher wonders , “So does the universe ‘leap’ in ‘Leap years?’ ”

“May Day! May Day!” chants ring out amidst melancholic songs of hope.
Dancers spin round the multi-ribboned pole while the 99% occupy the streets.

“Is any progress being made?” the lone observer asks.

One responds,“ Well this one wants to cross the finish line on Sunday and the other one is anxiously looking forward to start a new joint venture come this fall.”

A second says, “ I think the light at the end of this tunnel is getting bigger each day.”

A third voice, one echoing in the wilderness, can be faintly heard amidst the noise of a crowded earth….

….“It only matters who you touch and how …and of course who touches you and why.”

“So the answer is ‘yes’, right?”

"At the Day of Judgment we shall not be asked what we have read, but what we have done." ( Thomas A’ Kempis , The Imitation of Christ, Book I, ch. 3.)


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