Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2: The Bodyguard Reflection Number 2

“…There were incidents and accidents,

There were hints and allegations ..... “

                -  You Can Call Me Al, Paul Simon 

“…My, but we learn so slow

and heroes, they come

and they go

and leave us behind as if

we're supposed to know why

Why do we give up our hearts to the past?

and why must we grow up so fast? -
Pretty Maids All in a Row , J. Walsh and J. Vitale

It was a slow day, one of those Simon days of wonder. Thirty-three years to the almost exact minute since the lonely pilgrim crossed the finish line of his long distance run. It wasn’t over as the real race had just begun. Back then the master mechanic departed without warning ( just days before the marathon and has been absent for any advice ever since.) Many Ash Wednesdays have come and gone. Just because the prayers were not immediately answered the priest said it didn’t mean that they were not on file for consideration.

If you could listen closely one could hear a voice singing out breaking through the darkest silence of the suburban night ….

“I am giving up hope for Lent this year…yeah,yeah,yeah” 

He could see his past like some Kevin Burns documentary - heading down the river to Graceland writing letters with a melancholic song in his heart. But then man made monuments are often always disappointments. White bronzed statuettes of the self-proclaimed king surrounded the snow globes with almost imperceptible caped figurines lost inside.  Everywhere he planned to go for redemption seemed more glorious in his dreams. His grasping for any thing left him with nothing. He would often find himself  stuck outside of  Mobile again with the Memphis blues.

Someone once said sometimes on slow days miracles happen. A sweet shining sunbeam slipped through the perpetual winter cloud cover  like some reverential spotlight ahead of each step he took as he wondered round the lake. The intermittent confetti snowflakes glittered like angelic dust blessing him as he processed on with his canine companion. The eyes closed as he stopped to feel the power of the warmth and the shimmering cold flakes simultaneously caress his essence. Each moment of grace of his salvation history became crystal clear all at once.  

Smiling that mischievous smile he gratefully muttered

“No angels with stop watches were ever observed along the way.

It’s never been about the speed but how the race is run, right?”

He continued his stroll singing out "If I can call you Betty...."



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