Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thats The Way It Goes

Then there was the time the pilgrim was trying to reach out to old friends and anyone who might want to listen. There were stories about the illumination of how perfection is not attainable and parables about how busyness does not mean happiness ready to explode from within. He had rolled the dice and found himself singing to himself and writing reflections, lyrics to songs and poems only he would hear or read. It seems simpatico spirits had either made an early departure or  were preoccupied with their own searching sojourns.

He sat soothed by the sea softly swaying as soaring gulls swept just above the waves with the sun soaking every satisfied soul that savored the sacred serenity of the hymns of the silence. The clouds blew away. Another season about to change once again. The oft dreamed about distance grew nearer. Safe harbors departed.  Concern about that which lies beyond the horizon evaporates. Regrets and receipts of fares paid of yesterday are logged, stored and shelved. The voice of quiet one echoed
“ its a game, sometimes your cool, sometimes your lame.”

Then he remembered how in the great book even the Sons of Thunder were chastised for wanting the beat the crap out of those who closed their hearts and minds. Gratefully smiling he returned to that which was burning within singing “That’s the way goes”

The Way It Goes- G. Harrison  ( smart phones clock on link) http://youtu.be/Furq2vP4h3A

You Can Lead a Horse to Water - G. Harrison( smart phone click on link)

Any Road Will Get you There - G. Harrison (Smart phone click on link) http://youtu.be/FyzQF4Y8dGA?list=PLYYHjo7xYmk8HLgtJH1XUQJXq1q2qDTmw


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