Friday, January 2, 2015

Caroline's Letter

On December 27, 2014 Caroline Olivia Malone was born to Lindsay and Joseph Malone.

Sweet Caroline,       

Welcome to the universe. I wish you could tell us what is it that makes you smile . Your lips gently move puckering up and down and in and out as if to tell me about the secret of your origin and the first moments or your development in your mother’s womb. It seems obvious what new sights and sounds delight your innocent spirit.

Is it really hunger or is it just the unusual smelly mess in your diaper that causes you to cry out? Is it feeling your mother’s heart beat again next to your body and the firm and gentle protective loving caress of your father that brings you comfort of unconditional love? 

Somehow I think you sense that it was love that caused the spark bringing you life and that it is love  that brought you into this world . I wonder if you know that you are a gift of the divine and that your life is proof of the sacred as it is sacrament. I think your “GG” is convinced you are a special angel.

What is it that I can tell you? Here are a few things I tried to teach your mother and your zia. I am not sure how successful I was but I hope they know I tried.

Though there will be days of fair weather of warmth and sunshine there may be nights when some storms will seem endless. You are never alone and you are loved more than you will know. Listen to the wisdom of your mom and dad. Be present and live each moment in gratitude as it is a gift. Be mindful of the wonders of the universe .Be authentic and never be afraid of being precisely who you are meant to be. Mistakes happen as they are proof of our humanity. What really matters is how you live and not what you do to “make” a living. In order to respect and love others completely you need to respect and love yourself. Tell the truth and live in truth. Success is living with integrity , compassion, hopefulness and mercy. Accumulating things might delight you but they don’t really bring you peace or happiness. Don’t forget that there are those in this world who need your help, your love and your prayers. Never take one moment or one thing or person for granted. Cherish all of nature…the sky, clouds, the sun, rain, snow , trees, flowers, river, lakes, all creatures, oceans , sunrises and sunsets as they too are of God . If your faith is ever challenged just remember the love you have felt and been given as that love is God. What we call heaven is ever present as it is in your heart. Prayer works.

If you are to be serious about anything be serious about being yourself and living life with passion and joy. Music is a unique gift and let it bring joy , share the joy, let it console you when you are sad don’t ever be afraid to let go and dance! If you play a musical instrument just let the music flow . Sing always, it is freeing! Play with abandon and if you play a sport play with all the joy of your spirit.

Read as much as you can. There are so many good books with so much wisdom and fun and there is so little time. Write whenever and whatever you can and remember that writing is knowing . Art and the creative spirit in all the arts is the sacred being exposed to the world .

Trust your intuition. 
Be amazed by life and know that you will amaze others.

Te voglio bene assai


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