Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Remembering to Remember: A Summer Sampler 2015

“Remembrance is a form of Meeting”
       - Kahil Gibran

A friend this summer spoke of “Remembering to remember.” Our cyberspace discussion explored the significance and sacredness of recalling those moments of peace, love, consolation, mercy , compassion , companionship , blessings and grace. Well, those are my words and how I recall the exchange. It is difficult to describe. Sometimes words do not suffice or maybe I am not skilled enough to conjure the words that would accurately represent the essence of that conversation with my friend or how we really feel when we are remembering any of those moments that make life a unique gratifying experience.

So, if I were to be assigned by some teacher to craft a short paper or presentation on the first summer living at the Jersey Shore I would fail . It is not that I can’t remember but rather that I remember so much and I can never say or write anything “short.” I can only think of a couple of alternatives… just to be quietly grateful and remember how blessed I am or , as the saying goes “a picture says a thousand words,” to post a sampler of a few photographs that  represent a select few of those blessed moments.

In My Life – The Beatles ( click on link)

I remember you - Tony Bennett (click on link)

Til I Die – Beach Boys ( click on link )

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