Tuesday, May 31, 2016


“I seen another world. Sometimes I think it was just my imagination”
   - (Private Witte) The Thin Red Line, Book - James Jones, Movie - Terrence Malick

So what is it that causes what seems to be a casual coincidence into a generational blessing that continues to perpetuate itself? Who is really behind this grand design? Is this initiator a magnificent artist with a secret palette who knows no boundaries or limitations? How did this pilgrim get the notion to go to a watering hole on an island where he had never been before that one night in December a lifetime ago ? How is it that the woman who would become his pilgrim companion and mother to their sacred gifts arrive at the same place at the same time? What caused this pilgrim to turn right into a mutual friend who became the catalyst for the two strangers to journey together on that road less travelled? When will we learn that there is a greater hand at work carefully moving pieces on the chessboard of the universe?

How is the virgin staff papered ledger filled majestically into a magnificent symphony? Who would have thought that music would be created by the silence that interrupts tones and pitches creating melodies? Are the songs that birds sing at the breaking of each dawn really random? Is that sweet salt air sacred incense intended to sanctify the moment where the soul becomes aware of the divinity of everything? Consider the millions of stars and planets of the universe and the blood flowing by the pumping of pilgrim hearts or the gift of a perfect atmosphere that feeds and nourishes the lungs of wandering pilgrims, creatures and plants simultaneously. Who really thought of all this? What have we done to deserve any of this?

Was all of this the paradise that was promised? How is it that such a magnanimous lover and gift giver permit the existence of the horrors of violence and illness? Were we given too much freedom? Did we not understand the great generosity and love that has been given all? Will our self-absorption and greed be our undoing? Will we get permission to get lost in the now? Is it wrong to hope that this is not our only chance at salvation and that the promise of redemption for eternity is a reality?

                        Questions for the Angels – P. Simon

                           Questions – Moody Blues

            Thin Red Line – God U Tekem Blong – Hans Zimmer

             These are The Days – Van Morrison

*Inspired by The Thin Red Line – Book James Jones, Movie – Terrence Malick


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