Sunday, April 30, 2017

Welcome Mighty Quinn

“Don’t push a river, it flows by itself.”
        - Fritz Perls

“Like a stone on the surface of a still river
Driving the ripples on forever
Redemption rips through the surface of time
In the cry of a tiny babe”
     - Cry of a Tiny Babe, Bruce Cockburn

"Some people say faith is a childish game
Play on, children, like it's Christmas day
Sing me a song, sing me a melody
Sing out loud, you're a symphony"
            - Liver Forever, Drew Holcombe

 "Everybody's building the big ships and boats

Some are building monuments, others jotting down notes
Everybody's in despair, every girl and boy
But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here everybody's gonna jump for joy"
            - The Mighty Quinn, Bob Dylan

On April 20, 2017 Hal Crowson Rich V, aka –“Quinn” was born to Hal and Leigh Rich
Well, it is said, “You can’t push a river, it flows by itself.” We were waiting and trusting, and then the miracle happened. Welcome, Quinn, Welcome! It was a wonder filling surprise that the love that we were waiting to give to you upon your arrival was in fact the most magnificent unconditional love that blessed all who welcomed you.

Upon your arrival your mother and father knew that they were holding pure love in their arms. They experienced the sacred gift of your presence that was sourced by the love of a divine spark that makes your life a true sacrament. GG believes that you and your cousin Caroline are proof that angels do exist.

I wonder about the reason for your crying. Do you hunger for food of this world or the nourishment of the love that brought you into this side of paradise? Your secret smiles tell me that you are aware of some great mystical answer that we will all return to when the river delivers us into that ocean of mercy. But somehow you also know that there is specialness in the present as you rest against your mother’s heart and hear her song while sensing the gentle power of your father’s hands.

I am not sure if there is much that I can share with you about the world you have entered. I have tried to explain to your mother and your Zia Lindsay but I am not sure how successful I have been. So, here are a few lessons I have learned that might be useful. I hope you find it worthwhile.

There is a lot of goodness in this world. Sometimes all you need to do is open your heart to find the goodness. It helps to associate with good people who are like your mom and dad. Good always overcomes evil. Being present and mindful with gratitude to the present moment will get you closer to the sacred in this world. Spending time in nature will immerse you in that peace that you knew before you were born. Long walks in the woods and sitting on the beach witnessing sunrises and sunsets are serene up-lifting moments. Storms happen but remember storms end - so keep the faith.

Every so often you might make a mistake but that is just proving that you are human. It is said,  “ If a problem can be solved…why worry and if problem is unsolvable, worrying will not help.”
Be authentic and honest and always show compassion and mercy. You will be remembered by how you live and love and not by how much you have or have not accumulated. It really doesn’t matter as to how you “make” a living as long as you live well, live with love, integrity and truth. The secrets to success are to use your talents as they have been given to you for a reason. Follow your bliss.

No one should be taken for granted as God creates us all. Remember there are those who are less fortunate and need your help. Look at the values and careers of your mom and dad. Don’t forget that you are loved and that loving yourself and others is what life is really all about. My own father used to say “ Do the right thing because it is the right thing and not because you desire some reward.”

Sing, dance, laugh and help others do the same. Play- set your spirit free. If you play sports or play music play with all your heart and energy. If you love to write, paint or solve scientific or mathematical problems immerse yourself completely in whatever you do.

Read everything you can .You can find wisdom in good books and find the soul of the divine in poetry. If you love to write, never stop as “writing is knowing” and you will find yourself and the secret to tranquility.

It make take a while to realize this, but God is in all things all ways and prayer works! Trust your intuition. Be amazed by life and know you will amaze others.

Flourish all ways.
Te voglio bene assai, bene assai.



Mighty Quinn

Live Forever

Forever Young

I hope you dance

Remember Me


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