Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Nirvana Dream

If you don’t know where you’re going
Any Road will get you there.
     - Any Road, G. Harrison

I listen to the wind come how l, telling me to hurry
I listen to the robin’s song saying not to worry.
 - On the Way to Find out, Cat Stevens

While on the long ride home
The state of the art satellited technology system
Filled the blank space with a landscape
Seemingly from some yet undiscovered planet.
Unfamiliar mountains and landmarks line the passageway.
A river with no-name flows to the unknown sea .
Even incidents and allegations along the way
Were not reflected nor anticipated in that wise navigation tool.

The silent conversation began:
“ We’re not in Kansas anymore” the first one communicated the second.
The second one’s eyes ask if they are headed in the right direction.
“It all depends if it will take us to where we want to go,”
 the first  replied without words.
“Does it matter?” the second’s hand asked.

For the first time in the time and space they shared together
It was agreed that maps and directions were not needed,
as they decided to slow down to just 
go with the flow and enjoy the ride.


Day Three and then departure.. 

The sun is ever present
in safe harbor Cape May ...
She burns brightly through the haze
Spirits warmed, rested and consoled
Waves of that great ocean of mercy
Rolling in serene and soft
Kiss the beach , sanctifying grateful pilgrims
As they prepare for the next phase
Of their passage.

New hobby - "Ocean Gazing"

Tide comes in 
Tide goes out
Fog comes in

Fog lifts
Tide comes in again
Sun squeezing herself slightly 
Through the clouds
Tide goes out again
Footprints in the sand 
Washed away
Anointed by the sacred salt air
The sun retreats slowly
It's 112 pm on our anniversary
She's sleeping 
Music fills the space between...
Tide comes in...


   Be Here Now - G. Harrison

Roll with it - S. Winwood


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