Friday, April 10, 2009

(First) Song of the Second Chance Dance

Mary’s melancholic mockingbird metanoied me
The soul sanctified with solo song sweet sentiments.
By the hour the sun shed a final fiery flash
In her horizon departure
Not forgotten was the robin’s baptismal melody
At the advent of another consecrated dawn.
Immersion ,Redemption, confirmation, actualization,
Almost twenty two thousand days to discover
The name I was given before I was born.
The spark surprisingly fading quickly
Yet the chimes sang gently shaken by the breath of God ,
Thoreau’s morning wind , the spark transformed burst to flame.
Waves of tears flowing from your hallowed eyes.
blessed your flushed cheeks with smiles.
Answered prayers caressed your hearts.
My holy trinity had lowered this paralytic
into the presence of the great consoling healer.
New gift, original gift revisited
Humbled and undeserved
whispering “yes” to your invitation
Softly singing the songs of the second chance dance.

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