Friday, April 10, 2009

Not alone - Hidden Epidemic

Just before I went into have my heart bypass surgery an old friend sent me a cute e-card message saying something like the heart surgeon was about to be surprised as he would discover that I had a "big one."(heart) Of coure I said "awww." As you can expect the feelings were mixed for a variety of reasons.In some ways I was glad I was ignorant, or chose to avoid learning , about heart disease and surgeries.

When attempting to recuperate from surgery in a hospital bed there were numerous opportunities for reflection , contrition and regret. I thought I was one of a select few who has had this experience. Of course my intellect and education should have helped me know how naiive I was or am. There were all those relatives and friends who have died or suffered from some type of heart condition.But I looked at us as some type of perverse posse and I just happened to have "lucked out." I felt alone.

"Why me?"

One discovery I had was that genuine prayer is almost impossible while taking percocet. But to paraphrase Thomas Merton desire for prayer was in fact prayer and pleasing to God. Without warning ,plans or anticpation during my post surgery rehabilitaion I happend upon a PBS program on TV while relaxing in my lounge chair, it was a program called "The Hidden Epidemic." It shared how the millions of Americans who through poor diets, the lack of exercise, genetics and/or stress about the world have developed some form of cardio vascular disease.

Another disovery...I was not alone.It is all not my fault! My disease is treatable (and avoidable!)Read and see for yourself and pass this on.

My enthusiasm grew while in recovery and in a few weeks after the surgery we were invited by Lindsay to join her in the Heartwalk(an American Heart Association fund raiser.) Her company was a major sponsor. Some of Lindsay's friends even had donated money to the cause in my name and when we all arrived at the Heartwalk location we found thousands had come to raise money for this cause. There were numerous companions singing the songs of the second chance dance,

By the way the link for this year's Heartwalk is Join the team and if you can join us on walk-day! You will not be alone!

Have you had that check up lately?

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