Saturday, December 1, 2012

In Excelsis Deo

And so it begins all over again .The end of a book. The end of a season . The end of a year . The end of and era . Yet, nothing never seems to end , you know , with each ending there is a beginning.

New pages, clear and clean readied to be filled.The pen in hand hesitant and yet ready to script out what is not yet known or experienced. It is not just a new chapter,it is a new book! A new idea! An original never before thought of concept! Maybe it is a sequel? Maybe it is part of some undiscovered obscure trilogy? Maybe it is just another episode already clear in the divine eye but it just needs to be written by some pilgrim spirit.

Regrets? Not many.  Choices continue to be discerned. What chord to strum? What song to sing? What book to read?  What words to pull down from the heavens to speak or write never to be erased or forgotten?  When to let go and let it be. How to be present. How to be loving and to be exactly who we are intended to be. Has this Odyssey been a series of fruitless self-centered adventures with a few uplifting unplanned blessings?... Or, is this passage a pilgrimage required for all wanderers to gain redemption?

Is questioning faith, faith?

They say that the season of Advent is a celebration of “waiting and preparation.” The pilgrim tries to wait without wondering too much about how the renewed celebration of the birth of love will rekindle his own fire as he prepares the hearth.

Billy said, “and so it goes.”

Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.”

Saints John and Paul said, “The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Pedro said, “God is love .”

The pilgrim doesn’t need to look under an ornamented tinseled small multi-colored lighted Douglas fir to understand what Ignatius meant when he said

“consider all gifts and be grateful.”

He is … I am.

Merry Christmas to everyone ….


                                             What if Money Didn't Matter ?

…..and remember the poor!


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