Thursday, August 1, 2013

Well it's All right - 5th Annivesary Second Chance Dance !


“ Well it’s all right , even if your old an gray

Well  its’ all right , you still got something to say…

Well  it’s all right , even if the sun don’t shine

Well  it’s all right , we’re goin’ to the end of the line!”

So as the summer slowly began to slip away he sat again like most mornings in meditative musing. Those mystical constellations that told stories and guided his vessel in the heavens slowly faded as the sun of the new day burned away the mist that had hung like a worn halo above the tree line. He sat, stared silently and wondered. That cool ocean breeze, the voice of the new season waiting just around the corner whispered .

“Another anniversary at hand…Five years”

The day memorializing Ignatius and his exercises was five years since the pilgrim receiving the great sacrament of healing by one of the companions on the eve of the great repairing of his heart. That moment, that day was remembered as the commencement of the odyssey of the second chance, the new chapter…setting of the new course.

The mystical voice continued

“What is the purpose of remembering?” Why celebrate anniversaries ? Is it all about recollection or recapturing that semi-historic moment or is it refueling, a re commitment? Is it all of the above? Celebrations, solemn remembrances of holy events, victories, losses , births , weddings and graduations…what does it all mean? When the anniversary commemoration is finished …then what?”

The pilgrim remembered how he had gotten diverted on occasion over the years . If he were a golfer one would say that he had lost his swing. If he was a singer or writer another might suggest that every once in a while he had lost his voice.  Just about 43,000 hours ago, give or take a few minutes, he believed that he was given a great gift transforming into a metanoia that rekindled his true spirit . So on this memorial day his  grateful requital would be to show his indebtedness by allowing his authentic voice to raise up.


Sky cleared up, day turned to bright

Closing both eyes now the head filled with light

Hard to remember what a state I was in

Instant amnesia

Yang to the Yin.

All I got to do is to love you

All I got to be is, be happy

All it's got to take is some warmth to make it

Blow Away, Blow Away, Blow Away.

Wind blew in, cloud was dispersed

Rainbows appearing, the pressures were burst

Breezes a-singing, now feeling good

The moment had passed

                                        Like I knew that it should.

“Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty,
my memory, my understanding,
and my entire will,
 All I have and call my own.

You have given all to me.
 To you, Lord, I return it.

Everything is yours; do with it what you will.
 Give me only your love and your grace,
 that is enough for me.”

-       Ignatius Loyola


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