Monday, September 2, 2013

Exit Zero : A Cape May Prayer

As if summoned by seagulls, we come back to the beach
where we can cast off the shoes and our everyday cares
tell time by the tides and live in the moment
Our search for shells an echo of childhood
and the surf's refrain is music remembered

-     author unknown

What is that voice, that essence, that power
that calls to wayward wandering sailor pilgrims?
What is the source of their uncontrolled
yearning to travel to that safe harbor?
What is this place, this home of serenity and solitude,
where the voice of God becomes the wind itself
that blows the sand and salt air and provides lift for coasting gulls and puffs the sails of all that venture to the great sea?
What is this place that finds a way to nourish equally all
the spirits who are present ?
What is this place where both the sunrise and sunsets
are majestic providing immediate consolation
to each heart that opens itself  to the horizon?
What is this lighthouse that can be seen by any eyes
of searching seafarers who dare to see?
Or, what is this lifeboat always ready for any swimmer who struggles with the tides that come in and go out ?
What is this place that is free from the hurricanes
and storms regardless of their source or nature?
Then what of those century old Victorian homes that house the souls
of the first  wanderers and respite seekers?
How is it that in this place the sound of the surf magically
effortlessly soothes the psyche and the sand on the beach relieves
the burden of the wearied travelers?
It is said that essence of joy and hope reside in this place.
Nourishment, revitalization, re-energizing, relief, inspiration,
relaxation and redemption are just a few of the gifts
thriving in this perpetual retreat that has always been and always will be.This place of origin and endings, this source of all peace
and love…. The alpha and omega.
Nature’s cathedral created on a blank canvas
by the master artist of artists,
sacred space, holy ground….just this
side of paradise ...

They call it Exit O….

                You tube - These are the days of the endless summer- Van Morrison
     May not play on some smart phones or watch in vimeo click this link

                                                              Photos from John Sobecki

                          Paintings from Patricia Rainey Studios


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