Thursday, February 26, 2015

Muse - A Birthday Reflection

"Te Voglio Bene Assai"
On that one birthday morning waking as if it were for the first time the pilgrim wondered if was a dream or a dream of a dream or something much more mysterious.

Eyes wide opened it seemed as if that which appeared was being seen for the first time. As a matter of fact all of his senses experienced the same “this is the first time” phenomena. The initial anxiety over the newness of everything quickly evaporated and was transformed without forethought into wonder. Genuine awe was the new sense that was all consuming. New sounds, sights, touches and all smells. Fragrances were sweet and some seemed like unusual odors.

Slightly flailing the limbs moved this way and that almost uncontrollably. The head limited also in movement moved left and right but it was almost impossible to lift. Immersed in a sea of wonder that which surrounded and filled everything was unfamiliar and was more invigorating than threatening.  The ambiguity fueled the fire of delighted inquisitiveness.

It seemed that this was some form of commencement; an origination or a launching with the only thought of what went before was beautiful in its genesis. Being present to this continued magnificence in all aspects of what was being experienced fueled the spirit. Love, peace, joy, beauty and that inexplicable wonder were the sole essential elements filling each moment marked by beats of the heart and each breath.

No plans. No desires. No worries. Only a desire to reflect and share that unconditional love that sustains life was all that mattered.

Suddenly with the blink of an eye the pilgrim realized he had found himself while being lost in an eternal moment as he held his new baby granddaughter in his arms and he too was reborn by her love.

Caruso ( Te voglio bene assai)- A. Bocelli - ( Smart Phones click on link)

( Dedication- for Lindsay, Joe and Caroline)


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