Thursday, April 2, 2015

An Easter Reflection - Happy ( Joy )

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His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso once told a group the following story that went something like this….

“I went into a green grocer where I saw a piece of fruit that was my favorite. I knew that I would be absolutely delighted if I purchased that piece of fruit and would be happy to taste it’s sweetness. I had more than enough money to buy it but I left the store without purchasing that fruit. I really didn’t need to have it so I could be happy. I can be happy without it.”

Recently after what seemed to be a hard few days on a business trip I returned to be welcomed at the airport by my oldest daughter. The fatigue I had felt earlier on the plane seemed to diminish when I saw her smile as she greeted me and drove me to her home. There my wife and son in law seemed to be slightly frustrated, as my half asleep two-month-old granddaughter seemed restless and whining. I reached out and they placed the baby in my arms and within a short exhale between whines the baby looked up and realized and noticed a new adult was now holding her. It was Nonno! (That’s what the family fondly calls me.) Just like that the baby smiled a smile bigger than her face could hold and quietly rested her head on my shoulder.

My daughter smiled and said, “she is so happy to see you!” I wondered about what is this happiness that the baby is experiencing. I thought, “ What is it within this recently created human being that sparks the flame of happiness or joy? How can she know happiness? What is it that she is really feeling?"

I have read books and heard lectures on true happiness and peace of mind but I decided to do some research from a more scientific perspective. But after reading pages and pages about neuroscience and oxytocins and behavioral stimuli and such and on and on and on, I thought of what causes me to really feel happy.

Just as I have found from my own experience, there is a common thread amongst all cultures that the desire for and attachment to things often brings temporary satisfaction but not a sustainable pure sense of happiness.

Whether the happiness I have felt surfaced when in connection with another person, or stimulated by a beautiful sun filled day, or the song of a morning bird, or walk on a beach at dawn or sunset, or the sweet soothing sounds of a new or familiar song or of course the smile of granddaughter there is something mystical, spiritual …no, sacred that is present. Some common source that connects everything to everything and lives in everything is that essence that fuels our happiness or joy. That pure true happiness is love.

This morning in my journal I began a litany of what fuels my spirit with joy and happiness. I then thought of all those I know and love and who are seeking happiness. I hope they know, as I too must often recall , that it is within us and around us all ways.

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I wish you all Happiness and Joy!


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  1. JF: In my humble opinion, this is one of your best pieces! It made me very happy ( I think). I always look forward to receiving your writings.

    1. Thank you! Your comment and reading my posts always helps me feel "happy!" 😎😃