Friday, December 2, 2016

A Christmas Gift You Can't Buy

"Into this world, this demented inn, where there was absolutely no room for him at all, Christ comes uninvited.”
- Thomas Merton

For Religious fanatics only...
Charlie Brown asked 
Lucy why she was so happy. Lucy explained how it was "Christmas" and
 she explained further that this was the time of year to "spread joy,
 caring, compassion, giving and love." Charlie Brown wondered to Lucy,
 "Why do we just do these things at Christmastime and why can't we do 
things all year round?" Lucy yelled at Charlie Brown "What are you
 some type of religious fanatic?"

From small villages his heroes and
great things seem to come.
There was that asterisked Home Run champion,
A nobel awarded vagabond singing poet ,
And best of all - a son king born in poverty-
living peace, love and mercy.
Though the journey not always easy
And the path not always clear,
The way is simple.
Those who doubt and those who stray
Are welcomed
To join the returning prodigal
Sons and daughters and their celebration.
No formula , elaborate scientific calculation
Or manufactured drug
Will result that which is discovered when the heart
Lets go opening self to the fulness of time and 
To what the soul has known all along.

And the blessing of the miracle of babies at Christmas continues:
The first one we brought home Christmas morning ;
The news of the second was accompanied with
Carolers singing “Joy to the world;”
The first’s first a little patient or persnickety
arrives 12/27; and,
Now news of the second’s first will be a son
As the holy waiting season continues  
The word of the departed poet
Echoes in his own voice as he sings

 Cry of a tiny babe  Bruce Cockburn


                    Hallelujah – Choir ! Choir ! Choir ! (Leonard Cohen)


                    Hallelujah Chorus – Mormon Tabernacle Choir


                      Simple Gifts – Yo Yo Ma and Allison Kraus


                     Do They Know Its Christmas


                      True Meaning of Christmas


Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Peace-filled New Years!


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  1. Enjoyed your writing. All strung together like cranberries on a tree.

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  3. Thanks! I think it is all edible!
    Btw Maris and Zimmy both from Hibbing!