Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Year Articulation

"For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning."
—T.S. Eliot

noun: articulation; plural noun: articulations
the action of putting into words an idea or feeling of a specified type
                                                  the formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech
clarity in the production of successive notes
the act or manner of uttering a speech sound, especially a consonant.


It was Daybreak
Something was different
Something was new.
It was Daybreak.
The last of the darkness faded away
Like smoke drifting to the heavens
From a burned out fire.
It was Daybreak.
Witness the birth of the new.
It was in that moment
When the promise of a redemption
Was being realized.
It was Daybreak.
New Moment, New day, new month, a New Year!
All that was withdrew with the tide.
Footprints from the journey so far washed away.
And the virgin sand waits.
Gulls glide and soar in delight.
Seeking sandpipers continue
Their Bishop chasing and retreating.
It was Daybreak.
Spirits refreshed by the silent sacred salt air.
Gentle divine breath blesses.
It is this silence that transforms the notes
Sung by the morning birds
And chimes into music
As she transforms the souls.
Time has no meaning here.
On the beach receiving  and welcoming.
Consoled, illuminated and Sanctified,
Purist Peace, Love, Compassion and Hope
Are again articulated.

Dawn around the world with a 360 degrees and see

Morning - Beck

Morning has broken - Cat Stevens

Additional note:

It has been advised that a blog about music might be an appropriate consideration.
Until such a time the following will need to suffice.

It was so sad to experience the passing on of so many excellent singer songwriters in 2016 but witnessing and reading the abundant tributes it became evident that two of this author’s favorites were not mentioned among many of the tributes and remembrances!

Guy Clark and Merle Haggard are two who have inspired and consoled this writer. Their simple sweet songs captured a human essence rarely experienced in contemporary music today. I guess the best way for me to honor their passing is not just to post a sample or two of their songs here but to make sure they show up on my own set list. Thank you men…miss you!

NB: For all you Country Music newbies the real original country music had and still maintains real poetic natural homespun soul and was much more than the slick overproduced Las Vegased country twanged guitars and affective nasal south of the  Mason-Dixon line vocals  with playing three chord rock n roll riffs and beats in disguise you hear on the radio today. Some of that new genre ain’t bad but no matter what the industry calls it “it ain’t country!”

Desperadoes Waiting For a Train

Sing Me Back Home

That’s the way Love Goes

Wishing you all a hope and wonder-filled - blessed New Year!


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