Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Silence and the Wham

So was Rodrigues’ crisis over the silence
A crisis of faith?
Or was it the silence making some
Commentary about his life
Or life in general?
Is the silence just a matter of existence
And nothing more?

Sometimes, just sometimes decay just seems to begin.
Sometimes the elements wear down the exterior as well and the interior
And isn’t it true that without the proper attention
The decay grows over time?
No thing is perfect.
But, then sometimes isn’t David’s perfect chord
Discovered when on some excursion along the way?

Merton said that the worthwhile journey
Is the journey of the interior.
However,  those who rely on the advice of a meditative Cheshire cat
Should realize the advice should be qualified.

Wherever you go
And whomever you are with -  does matter.
The great artist is still working with an incomplete virgin canvas.
Paying attention means everything
And yet letting go is being purely authentic
Because wherever you are you are is
Where you are and where you need to be, right?

Why is it that all watches are not reliable?
How is one to know if their timepiece
Is certified as accurate?
What does being “on time” mean outside of the playing music anyway?
Tolle said time is an illusion didn’t he?
That which was  cannot be changed
That which will be is a thought not realized.
All things pass, so being here now is reality.
How the now is spent and with whom is all that matters 
Whether there is silence or not, right?



                                                               Pay Attention

There are us and there are them
"All that we share"
Good for the Denmark - Good for US!

Love and Mercy - B. Wilson

and when in doubt play a little Van Morrison.

Hymns to The Silence - Van the Man

Holy Guardian Angel - Van the Man

If you are one of faith or have no faith see this movie.

Silence - Film By M. Scorcese

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